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overland park roofing

We really love Overland Park, that is why we dedicate so much time to the residents and the roof repairs they are in need of. We specialize in residential roofs. We also give free estimates on roof replacements in Overland Park. Leaky roofs that need simple repairs are not a problem we will take care of them for you.

If you think that you will need a free estimate be sure to check out these Topeka roofing companies to get your free estimates and find out what kind of roof repairs you need.

Remember that waiting too long to fix your leaky roof is not a good idea! What ends up happening each time we see some ones home who has hesitated to fix a leak in the roof.
1.) There is almost always mold located near and/or around the leak.
2.) Nearly every time there is water damage
3.) The existing materials can not be saved and must be replaced for safety.

Please do  not hesitate for your properties well being, if your roof is showing signs of fatigue, it may not last another winter or maybe even another heavy rainfall.

If you are still curious about who we are, with over 50 plus years of experience you could call us veteran roofers. Our team of roofing specialist has conquered nearly every single roofing material on nearly every facet of a roof.
We are proud of our high quality roofing standards. We know that each customer appreciates all of hard work, our customer reviews clearly prove that, click here to see our customer feedback for our roofing company in Overland Park.
Everyone is talking about our free estimates and what a great deal we are giving out with this special offer. Truthfully we see it as your trusting us to take good care of your roof, the least we can do is take a look at it first. So this will not be changing our free roofing estimates will be available year round, we nearly always have someone available to come by to check out your roof.
The founder here at Overland Park roofing is proud to have kept the doors open for more than 19 years now in 2016. She has grown the company to 4 trucks and over 15 roofers! She says she will continue this business until she can not physically handle it. She also says she will continue to provide the Overland Park community free estimates as long as she is around.

overland park roof repair crew overland park roof repair crew

Michelle Evans founder at Overland Park roofing Michelle Evans founder

We are truly satisfied with a roofing replacement job when the customer thanks us for the quality job we have done, until they have done this we will not stop trying to fulfill our duties as roofers. We do not have customers complaining after a roofing job because our roofers follow a step by step guide that we have put forth. Throughout the roofing service we provide there will be questions asked and financial decisions with be explained to and decided upon by the owner, not our employees.
For example:
If there was a simple roof repair in Topeka scheduled and the roofer noticed a major problem like all the sheathing is rotted or the gutters are rusted through. Our employees will not begin any additional work without explaining the entire roofing plan and contacting our head Wichita office, this includes discussing the cost of materials, labor and scheduling. So you can be assured there will never be hidden fees or charges, all work we do is high quality and we are transparent with our customers.

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  • Trichia Smith
    Posted December 17, 2016 at 10:39 pm | Permalink

    Last summer we had our barn roof blown off by a twister so we were scrambling to find a company that could provide us with fast installation so we contacted this company and they did an outstanding job and had the job done by the end of the week!

    • Michelle Evans
      Posted December 17, 2016 at 10:41 pm | Permalink

      Thank you we appreciate the feedback!

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