Coolest roof we have ever repaired in Overland park

Michelle Evans founder at Overland Park roofing

I was so happy when i heard we were going to be repairing the roof of an 18th century church.

roof replacement old church 18th Century Church roof
This was a very challengingĀ ROOF TO REPAIR INĀ Overland Park. It not only has dozens of ridges and hundreds of feet of flashing to replace. But the hardest part about it is the height and the pitch of the individual sections were out of this world. We needed many ladders and many harnesses to make this one possible. It took about twice as long per square as any normal residential roof. We really appreciate the church for allowing us to replace their roof. Also a big thanks to the roofers who risked it all to make this church look wonderful again! Overland Park roofing repair is going to be a huge industry for many years to come

overland park roof repair crew overland park roof repair crew

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